Florida Lotto Magic Display Ads

Online advertising is already a given. It's cheap, fast, and in the case of SEO marketing in many cases it's also free. Besides advertising for you and your Lotto Magic team online, we also market "old school" by advertising offline using disply ads (see examples below).

All so we ensure the Lotto Magic team is in the eyes, minds and in the face... of all YOUR future downline team members out there!

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We place ads through the publishers of mail order ad sheets, MLM and network marketing tabloids and through the publishers of opportunity type "home business" newspapers. Many orders run in multiple issues to ensure we have the market covered for a long period of time.
These are some of the most current "display" ads we're consistently placing in various tabloids and newspappers. As new versions are released and sent to the publishers we'll post them here while at the same time we'll remove some of the older ads to keep this page short and sweet.


Lotto Magic 1 inch diplay advertisement

1 inch marketing ad
1 inch offline newspaper ad
2 inch ad for ad sheet
1" ad, reverse title & footer
1" ad, reverse grabber, outline
1" ad, reverse grabber, offset
2" ad, curve title, cut footer
Lotto Magic 2 inch diplay advertisement
Lotto Magic 2 inch diplay advertisement - reverse title
Lotto Magic 2 inch diplay advertisement - reverse footer
2 inch tabloid marketing ad
2" ad, clean outline title
2" ad, reverse title & footer
2" ad, reverse footer only
2" ad, cut in clean title
3 inch florida lotto magic ad - newspaper use
3 inch lotto pool  ad for tabloid use
3 inch lotto magic advertisement
3 inch plain lotto magic ad
3" ad, reverse grabber
3" ad, reverse title & footer

3" ad, partial cut title

3" ad, reverse grab (plain)

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