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Hi, My name is Whitney Jacqueline and I'm the Team Leader of a large group of lotto pool players in a company called Florida Lotto Magic. Lotto Magic is a "lotto pool" management company for the popular Florida, Powerball, Mega Millions and Mega Money lotteries. I won't get too far into what a lotto pool is except to say they're very similar to what many people already do at work which is pool their money, buy many lottery tickets together and then share in the lottery ticket wins. Florida Lotto Magic (the main company) has been doing this since 1996... managing the various lotto pools for the members. For more about what we do visit our Google+ circle!

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I joined Lotto Magic in 2005 and over the years and with the help of many professional marketers and specialists I put together a unique (and free) marketing system for the member's on our Lotto Magic team. As far as I know we're the only team using this system which has proven itself over and over again for years now. The most important thing I'd like to mention is that our team downline building system is free to team members and there's no catch. We pay for everything by rolling the team commissions back into the "team marketing machine" so the system is self funded yet the members and their teams benefit from it directly.


OK, enough chit-chat, here's what we do and how we do it.

Florida Lotto Magic Teamwork
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